💾Contract Features

Our contract is capable of

Auto Liquidity

This feature is currently in use. A certain % of our volume goes automatically into LP. Should we explain it further? We think not. Pretty straightforward.

Auto Burn

We can set % from volume to go automatically into the burn address. Are we gonna use it? It's 50/50 that yes. And we will vote about that in the future with our community.

Burn address as you know 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead.

Manual Burn

We will burn our tokens when we meet significant milestones, for example, a product release, number of community members, certain marketcap, etc. But sometimes we only surprise you. Maybe.

All manual burn events will be listed here:Burn Events

Rewards Distribution

Currently not in use. But this is where the fun begins. If you are a clever person, you've got the idea already.

We can set automatic rewards and their distribution from volume to our holders, e.g., 1% of the volume goes to their wallets based on their positions. So you better stack the $HYPNOTOAD. We can also set any token on the BNB chain as the one for rewards. It can be our $HYPNOTOAD, or BNB, or any other -- cough partnerships cough cough. 👀

Some of you might have already noticed a dividentTracker. What's this for?

Our contract issues HYPNTRACKER tokens when trading.

You must already have them in your wallet. Check it. But only If you've bought our token, of course. When you sell, the tracker tokens deduct from your balance. You can't trade them.

These tokens are here to monitor your position for the reward system. The more you own, the more % of rewards you get. Yes, it's as simple as that.

We are just making sure everything is ready immediately if we need it, and you can build your position from day 1.


Not in use, but it can be introduced in the future.

As you can see, we only use some of the features. That doesn't mean we won't introduce more in the future. And that's also why our contract is NOT renounced - to be able to make those changes.

If we decide to use some other mechanisms at later stages, we will communicate it within our community.

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