📱Mobile Games

Currently, we are working on two mobile games.

The core is done. Need some tweaking on the backend and bigger branding changes.

To set your expectations, please read the following:

  • Both games will be using 2D pixel art graphics.

  • Hypnotoad will play a role in the game but will not be 1:1 art design to our collection(s).

  • Both games are score based.

  • The first releases will be without NFTs/crypto integration.

  • We will run tournaments and challenges for each game within our community. With prizes.

  • Both games support multiple levels, but the first release will have only one, endless level. This means you can play it until you die. It could be only 30s or even 20 minutes. Our personal best was around 15mins, in beta. The more you play, the better you get.

  • Both games will be presented in the official stores. Android first, and iOS will follow.

  • We still don't know which one will be released first. It depends on which one would be easier to re-design. Why are we working on both at the same time? Well, since they are completely custom developed by us, with no bought assets or modules, we also share some code parts within both of them to make it easier for us. And they needs some reviews.

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