💡Our Vision

Our vision is to bring all the Futurama fans in the world in here. Nah, just kidding.. Well, not really.. We love Futurama, we love The Hypnotoad, and memecoins tend to have very strong and engaged communities. That's why we created a memecoin, excuse us, a tribute coin. We want to have that. We want you. We want to build a strong and engaged community!

The project is serious with a long-term vision. But not TOO SERIOUS. We're here to have fun. Together with you. And potentially make you millionaires along the way, sure.

As we've already stated before, we have no use case at this moment, but we have already developed two games in the past for mobile. We've tested them on Google Play (but unfortunately both are not crypto-related and in a different theme), so we decided to re-design them according to this project and launch them within our community. Apple will come as well. This whole process might take some time and we will announce everything when we are sure about the timing.

We want to have many smaller games and apps for everyone to be satisfied and find their thing within our ecosystem. We want the community to keep active and have fun with our apps. We strongly believe we can achieve that.

Speaking of that, our ecosystem will be more than this memecoin and BNB chain. Yes, we have bigger plans! 👀

Community First

All of our products will have one common goal - to serve our community. Giving you some good times. Whenever you have only 2 minutes or 2 hours of free time to play something, we want to be there for you. A HUGE ecosystem.

Many apps will be designed in a way we could use them in competitions, and challenges. Some of them will be very tiny apps and some of them will be big and fancy. The bigger the budget the bigger app. Not promising AAA studio, but who knows.. Maybe we know some people. 👀 Maybe we know nothing though.

More details about our products will be posted on theProducts page.


Well, this is actually the first time we mentioning it.

The Hypnotoad Coin (actually it's a token by definition) was launched on 3.5.2023 on the BNB chain.

But before that, we created a different one. Still hidden in the shadows and not launched yet. Patiently waiting for its turn. We have the concept and it'd be a great addition to our ecosystem. This undisclosed token will be presented on both ETH and BNB chains (at least that's the plan) and it will be linked to the $HYPNOTOAD.


We will tell you later!

What we can share now is, all loyal $HYPNOTOAD holders will get an opportunity to jump in very very early. Maybe they will also receive an airdrop? 🤫 Whaaat?!

We have the name, we have the contract, we have the branding, and the website, as well. Everything is ready to deploy. But we don't want to launch it before $HYPNOTOAD is sustainable and successful enough. Without the $HYPNOTOAD coin, the whole project would be nothing.

And remember, as we said before, the community first.

*wanted to insert some fancy diagram here of how it would work, but then I realized nobody reads whitepapers anyways so might do it in the future when I have more time to spend on useless stuff*

... and is $HYPNOTOAD going to be multi-chain in the future, you might ask?


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