🌍The Hypnotoad World

Inspired by the original Hypnotoad from Futurama but completely independent.

We have decided to create our own custom art - as every legit project should do - and not to use the Futurama character. This decision was very welcomed within our community and we truly thank you for that.

Since we are a tribute coin, we will stay loyal to The Hypnotoad character, of course. That's what defines us. But there will be a twist.

In our world, The Hypnotoad is not only one creature as we know it. It's a whole specie. Many many different breeds and characters but recognizable and similar in their own way. You can tell it's Hypnotoad but their visuals vary - as we know from the real world.

We respect the Hypnotoad stance and big eyes. We might change colors, proportions, angles, etc. But in any case, our characters should remind you of the original Hypnotoad when you see it.

This gives us unlimited potential how to work with our characters. Each character can be personalized. Having its own name, stats, skills, personality, and backstory.

Imagine an NFT collection, collectibles, a card game, or just merchandise and more.

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