Tokens Distribution

We issued a total of 1,000,000,000 tokens.
The initial liquidity was 1,5 BNB and 750,000,000 $HYPNOTOAD. Lock🔐.
Our starting marketcap was under 1k.
We kept 250,000,000 tokens (25% of the total supply) in the contract owner's wallet.
Contract Owner's Wallet: 0x12372415334a21b34a8b36fe900e162378760fb1
Now, what are we gonna do with 25% of the owned supply?
As we've stated many times in different places already, we want to use it for things like:
  • Burn Events
  • Additional Liquidity
  • Competition prizes
  • Giveaways
  • and maybe more.
We don't plan to sell any of it. We don't need it. That's what we have the marketing tax fees for.
We don't distribute any taxes to the Dev wallet. If you check its balance, it's completely empty from the beginning. We can utilize it later if we need to though.
One of the suggestions from our community was making % of our volume go to some kind of charity. That's what the Dev wallet could be used for, for instance.